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As a Narrative Performer, a Storyteller,

I use my voice, movements, and facial expressions to convey the story.

I interact directly with my audience. We experience the story together. Whether I'm performing as myself, Misty Mator, or as alter-ego for children, Starla the Storyteller,
I’m happy to perform at public events, shows, festivals and more.

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About Me

I am a Professional Storyteller, A Narrative Performer

Storytelling is a family tradition I grew up with that I'm now excited to be able to share with others. My grandmother was from the same region of Germany as the Brothers Grimm, I learned fairy tales the same way they did -- listening to a hausfrau sitting at her kitchen table! This began a lifelong love of stories for me. I studied writing and theater in college, and it came full circle one day when I volunteered to come to my son's preschool to tell stories. They asked if I would be willing to come regularly, and I've been performing professionally ever since.

I perform traditional, original, and personal narratives for adults and all ages. I also perform as my alter ego Starla the Storyteller, perfect for the "masters of play" (otherwise known as PreK-3rd). I am available for performances, workshops, and consultations in-person in the Greater Pittsburgh Region, and I am available for virtual performances over Zoom.

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