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"Time stands still when Misty tells.  In her stories, she takes us to lands of enchanted places or even the complicated world of being a parent.  Regardless of where she takes us, we are enriched by her sharing the journey."
~Dr. Kevin Cordi, author and Chair for Storytelling for the National Council Teachers of English

“Starla the Storyteller is an amazing asset to our literacy program.  She keeps the children entertained and the lessons are age appropriate.  The children are so excited to hear her storytelling, and talk about it for days.”

~Michele Kerrigan, Owner/Director at Joshua’s Tree Preschool

"Beautiful detail work--and your on point movements just elevated everything and made it feel so communal."
~Vel Weiss, audience member 

"Your story was wonderful. I loved it."
~ Lori Prescott Hansen, Director of The Grimm Keepers

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